Moon Rock


Moon Rock is a very special bud wrapped in resin with a very high CBD content over 50% and breaded in Hash powder. This flower gives off a mix of smells attributable to Cannabis and Hash, it is made entirely by hand by experts in the laboratory and the result is a real moon rock with unique power, inducing the user to a very prolonged heavy full-bodied effect. Expect a feeling of stimulating euphoria. How to use: The Moon Rock can be crumbled with a common grinder, otherwise you can use a bong to better enjoy this lunar delicacy.

CBD concentration: < 54%
THC concentration: < within the limits of the laws in force

Format: 20g


Spedizione con pacco totalmente anonimo tramite corriere espresso 48h (Gratis sopra i 80€).
Per le isole e la Calabria le spedizioni potrebbero tardare di ulteriori 24h circa