Pollen derived from the best inflorescences of Cannabis Light, produced by expert staff, is characterized by its full-bodied taste typical of Moroccan Hashish so much that it seems to you a real Hash. This Hash is compact, just heat it a minimum to have a soft and easily mixable cream. Our Hash block is dark brown on the outside, while on the inside it maintains a lighter shade with golden undertones. Its flavor will envelop the whole mouth and palate leaving you with a balsamic explosion that will remind you of a real Moroccan Hashish.

CBD concentration: < 38%
THC concentration: < within the limits of the laws in force

Format: 20g


Spedizione con pacco totalmente anonimo tramite corriere espresso 48h (Gratis sopra i 80€).
Per le isole e la Calabria le spedizioni potrebbero tardare di ulteriori 24h circa