Our Charas is the finest and purest Hashish that can be found on the market, made from pure Cannabis resin extract, absolutely residue-free, 100% pure. To obtain this nectar, the beating of the buds is used, this procedure allows us to obtain the highest concentration of active ingredients by developing a 42% of CBD. Our Charas comes in a creamy, soft and easily moldable paste, it does not need to be heated, on the outside it is dark brown while internally we find veins ranging from golden to greenish. The taste of this Charas is unmistakable, very intense and balsamic with a pungent smell, it will conquer your every sense, guaranteeing you an overwhelming experience.

CBD concentration: < 42%
THC concentration: < within the limits of the laws in force

Format: 20g


Spedizione con pacco totalmente anonimo tramite corriere espresso 48h (Gratis sopra i 80€).
Per le isole e la Calabria le spedizioni potrebbero tardare di ulteriori 24h circa